Pastor Sandy

Sandy_Sitting_compressedPastor Sandy is not your ordinary “First Lady,” she knows and operates within her calling as a co-laborer in ministry. She is an ordained minister, who is humbled God uses her to prepare His people for kingdom-building through her ministry and spiritual leadership. Her desire is to see Christians move beyond spectating in the pews to reaching out and ministering to the hearts, minds, and souls of people. She is a real talk, truth-teller that ministers the truth of God’s word.
Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Pastor Sandy moved to the metro Detroit area in 2002. She is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business and a MBA in Organizational Management. She was the owner and Chief Consultant of her own consulting firm that provided leadership, diversity and other training and writing services for clients throughout the US and Canada. She is passionate about providing those same services to the body of Christ. “I am excited by the opportunity to minister the liberating Gospel to others. I want both believers and non-believers to know that God can transform their situations and their lives.” She knows that only by the truth of the Word of God and His power, that we all can be set free from past hurts, sin, and mediocrity.
She has a heart for women and speaking to the hearts of women and young ladies, encouraging them to take the rejections, heartaches and sins of the past and embrace the liberating nature of God. “The Holy Spirit will take what we release and the new life can begin.” She believes that as soon as women begin to see themselves as God sees them, the empowerment and encouragement we feel will allow us to bless other women with that same encouragement and love.
Her daily source of joy is Psalm 37:4, delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Unfortunately many Christians have yet to understand what “delight” really means. People delight in food, clothes, cars and other material possessions then beg and plead with God when He doesn’t honor and bless their disobedience. She has learned to delight in the Lord because she knows that He is the source to greater things that she cannot access on her own.
In 2010, Pastor Sandy graduated from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts degree in Evangelism and Church Planting. Her desire is to coach and mentor Pastors, First Ladies and leaders to confidently walk in authority becoming an integral part of healthy faith families. Apostle and Pastor Sandy led Serenity’s Marriage Ministry and minister authentically the truth of God’s Word together and stand as examples of God’s continued goodness and favor. They both minister as coaches to other leaders throughout the country and are committed to the spiritual growth of others. They are truly a blessing to the ministry and growth taking place at Serenity Christian Church. You can email our First Lady at