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25th Church Anniversary Events

It’s time to CELEBRATE! Yes, Serenity has been blessed to serve the community, this region, and country for 25 YEARS! Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the journey and positive impact that Serenity has had on your life, the lives of your family, and the impact it has made in this regional area. We are grateful for the commitment and dedication of our Senior Pastor, Apostle John Harvey, who said YES and founded Serenity 25 years ago.
How can you participate and support Serenity? Even if you are not local, you can commit to participating in this celebration! 
1. Join us for one of our upcoming special events. Bring someone with you!
2. Commit to sowing a seed for this special day. Donate $25, $100, $250, or ___! We will continue to have FREE events for the community to give-a-way food, diapers, crafts, and more.

In a world with so much division, we need unity!
In a world with so much chaos, we need Serenity!
Pastoral Appreciation Day – Sunday, October 27, 2019, 11AM
Join us on for this special worship service as we honor our Pastors who sacrifice and dedicate themselves to the service of others.  We will celebrate Apostle’s 35 years in ministry, 30 years of pastoral ministry, and his 55th birthday. In addition we will celebrate Pastor Sandy’s 20 years of ministerial leadership and 9 years of pastoral ministry.